Capture the sound of your favorite amp/pedal/rig in minutes.

The SmartAmpPro puts the power of machine learning at your fingertips. Copy the sound of your favorite amps and pedals and start jamming right away. The SmartAmpPro comes with several pre made tones, including a tube amp, overdrive pedal, and custom heavy and clean tones.

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The SmartAmpPro features five default tones, and the ability to to create your own tones from the plugin. Additional controls include bass, mid, treble, presence, and gain settings.

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For a freebie it's a must-have.
the tone is fantastic
Sounds incredible!
Jack - on Youtube



The SmartAmpPro uses a deep learning LSTM (Long Short Term Memory) model to copy the sound of amps and pedals. This model "listens" to input audio signals and learns how to replicate the hardware. The LSTM model is effective at copying distortion, overdrive, and compression, including the sought after tone of tube amplifiers. Time based effects such as reverb, impulse response, and delay can be added in addition to the SmartAmpPro for a great overall sound.

The LSTM model consists of layers of parameters (weights and biases) that are trained on audio data from a guitar. The input/output audio is fed through the network, which gradually adjusts these parameters to behave like the target amp or pedal. The goal is to reduce the error to signal ratio of the model in order to replicate the hardware behavior. This approach is called "black-box" modeling, because we don't care what's going on inside the amp/pedal circuit; it only matters what the signal looks like going in and coming out. The opposite approach is white-box modeling, where individual components like tubes, resistors, and capacitors are modeled. A mix of the two approches is called grey-box modeling.

Using artificial intelligence to simulate audio hardware is a game changer in the industry. The LSTM model improves upon the WaveNet model by drastically increasing the training speed while retaining a high accuracy when compared to the target hardware, for clean and mildly distorted tones.

Download the SmartAmpPro Plugin for Free

Important Info:

Installing the VST3 or AU will allow playing the 5 default tones, or any tones imported through the "Import Tone" button.

In order to train your own tones from the "Train Tone" button, you must manually install Python3.8 (if not already installed), as well as run the Requirements Installer to download and install Tensorflow. Unzip the "" and run the .bat (Windows) or .sh (Mac/Linux) after installing Python. Mac users may need to follow the troubleshooting info to run training separately. Training was tested on Windows 10 with Reaper.

Python3.8 Download Site

SmartAmpPro Github Page (for Troubleshooting info)

Download Requirements Installer Download VST3 (Windows 10) Download AU DMG (Mac) Download VST3 (Ubuntu) Download
Windows Installation

Copy the SmartAmpPro.vst3 file to the proper location in your DAW's plugin path.

Mac Installation

AU: Download and open the and unzip to the Components folder, (default is"/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components" ; may need to reboot for DAW to recognize the new plugin) You will also need to allow the plugin from an unidentified developer.

How to allow Mac unidentified developer

Ubuntu Linux Installation

Extract the "" folder to your VST3 location (for example "~/.vst3/") for your DAW to recognize. Currently has been tested using Reaper DAW for Linux). This is an experimental build of the SmartAmp.

The TonePack

The TonePack contains .json models of specific guitar tones made by the GuitarML community. You can load these into the SmartAmpPro for an unlimited range of sounds. Load a .json file from the TonePack with the "Import Tone" button in SmartAmpPro.