How it Works


Input/Output samples of the amp or pedal are recorded for creating a digital model.


Machine learning algorithms are used to train a real-time digital model of the tone from the recordings.

Make some noise!

Models are easily loaded into the plugin for unlimited tone possibilites on your guitar. Check out the Tone Library to see what amps and pedal captures are available!

Product Downloads


NeuralPi is a DIY guitar pedal using neural networks to emulate real amps and pedals on a Raspberry Pi 4. Models trained from recordings of real amps and pedals can be loaded into the plugin for endless possiblities on your guitar. GuitarML provides the cross compiled VST3 plugin to build your own NeuralPi.


The SmartAmp is a guitar plugin that uses machine learning to mimic all the nuances of a tube amplifier. It features a clean and lead channel with EQ and gain controls. Load your own tones or use the community-created tones for unlimited potential for your sound.


The SmartAmpPro guitar plugin has been designed from the ground up to put the world of guitar tones at your fingertips. It uses machine learning to bottle up the essence of real amps and pedals in a sharable tone file. You can record, train, and play tones within minutes, all from the SmartAmpPro plugin.

Dev Note: The Capture feature is a work in progress on Mac. You can still use the Mac plugin to import and play pre-trained tones, but for now it's recommended to use the Google Colab script in the Github Repository for tone training.


While there are many guitar plugins out there, GuitarML's plugins are unique in that they use advanced machine learning to model the dynamic response of real amps and pedals. GuitarML believes that the best way to advance this technology is by releasing it as free and open source software for anyone to use and learn from. Because this software is free, your support is extremely valuable in making sure this work continues to grow and improve. Patreon and Github Sponsorship funds will go directly back into making GuitarML better.

I'd like to personally thank our patrons and sponsors, without you this work could not continue and grow.


GuitarML is a community of developers and musicians using machine learning and related technolgies to create high-quality guitar tone. Advances in deep learning (artificial intelligence) have made it possible to play near-perfect tonal matches of real amps and pedals through a plugin. GuitarML is working to make this technology easy and accessible to musicians, developers, and A.I. researchers.

About the author: My name is Keith Bloemer, a software engineer and guitar player whose search for great guitar tone led me to create GuitarML. What started as a passion project has quickly grown into a community of developers and musicians contributing time and brainpower to make a great product. GuitarML is only possible due to the generosity of open source developers and researchers. In that same spirit, I hope this project inspires others to follow their curiosity and push the boundaries of what's possible in music technology.


We would love to hear about your experience using GuitarML's plugins! You can also email your own trained models and they may be included in the ToneLibrary.