UAH Senior Design Project

In the Fall semester of 2021, GuitarML partnered with UAH (University of Alabama in Huntsville) to sponsor a senior design project for the EE494 class. The team of four electrical engineering students succeeded in adding parameterized controls to GuitarML's modelling capability and demonstrated this for the LPB1 Boost Pedal and DS-1 Distortion Pedal. They also provided extensive valuable insight into standardizing the capture methods and model evaluation techniques. Their software work, which includes a SPICE model of the LPB1 pedal and modifications to NeuralPi, can be found on Github in the link below under the appropriately named MLAMSK group (Machine Learning Almost Makes Sense..Kinda!).

Tech Articles

I also enjoy writing articles about the technology used in my software. Here are a couple of articles related to machine learning for guitar amp/effects published on Towards Data Science and Nerd for Tech.